Landscape design service


Creative Design Gardens has a portfolio of thousands of custom-made landscape designs from Cairns & Port Douglas, to city and rural properties in Melbourne. We specialise in garden design, landscape construction and garden maintenance ensuring we can build and fully maintain your garden. Creative Design Gardens finds the opportunity in every garden and works beyond the limitations.


Gary Sullivan, Director of CREATIVE DESIGN GARDENS uses the old saying "if you can't draw it, you can't build it". The garden designs he produces create a destination for the client on their own property.


Years of listening to clients' needs means that Gary Sullivan can put all ideas clearly onto paper and to scale, and can present his clients with a visual design concept before any earth has been turned. The landscape design is a valuable part of any project as it gives a base for pricing, style and a visual of a finished landscape.


The process is very simple...


It all begins with an onsite meeting to go over all possible design options and a pricing budget. From there, Gary Sullivan can start the most important part of the project - measuring the site.  This ensures all aspects of the new design fit the project in all proportions. Correct measurement is critical to ensure budgets are spent wisely. For example, if the paved areas are too big for their purpose, it may reduce opportunities in another important part of the project, like the irrigation system.


The design allows for final adjustments to be made to meet the budget, and also the garden layout and functionality.

Once the design is finalised, the project can begin. The design remains on-site till completion, and is an on-site reference to all involved in the project.


Our landscape designs are reasonably priced and offer great value.


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